C U R R E N T L Y - What Claudia ZinZan from Father Rabbit has been into lately...

Let's find out what Claudia Zinzan - interior designer and owner of the superbly curated and styled Father Rabbit homeware stores - has been up to/into lately!

I've decided to just live with our current dated interior rather than doing little things so that one day we can do a big renovation. It's working, I have a beautiful view at our new house so I'm very happy with my lot.

I'm such a drag with music at a party... I'm always wanting Beyonce! In the car I listen to the National programme and am thrilled when I'm driving and it's The Panel with Jim Mora.

Monocle Guide to Good Business and any of the latest interior magazines.

We are planning a trip to France for a trade fair and it times perfectly with a wedding in Italy! Verona here we come.

A bit of wine, the odd coca-cola, so much tea, heaps of sparkling water...I'm no angel.
I can not wait to get into the new Bluff Oyster season. A great friend of mine just told me she buys a punnet a week for herself... I never in a million years would have expected that from her but it has now opened up the door and given me permission to do the same. Can you imagine it! Just having a little scoff of oysters by yourself... heaven!

Little outings to French Bay are high on my agenda (we have just moved to Titirangi), but mostly I am rushing home everyday to continue unpacking and admiring our new house! We just ventured to Queenstown and Wanaka for a wedding and I must say what they are doing with The Sherwood in Queenstown is fabulous!

We have recently moved our office and warehouse to one new location and as a result we are so much more of a cohesive team at Father Rabbit. Our staff are so awesome, everyday I am grateful to work with them and thrilled that they want such good things for Father Rabbit too. I LOVE my job so I'm pretty grateful to have my own business.

Armoire Pegs and Casserole.. I'm looking forward to her new name change and brand refresh. I love her recipes and little life moments.  There is a blog on tumblr called ThingswhatIlove - she hardly ever posts, but I'm always in hysterics or crying "Me Too" whenever I read it. She just captures domestic life so well.  I love Megan Nicol's Read in the back of the Sunday Magazine and I think they need to give her way more space.  Of course I follow so many people on Instagram so I'm always off on some tangent on the interwebs. I'm a time waster!

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