A few NZ Design quickies...

New Zealand surf brand RPM have designed their first board, and it's one hell of a good-looker.

Hello to you, Auckland ceramicist Yon Kavvas. I especially dig your speckled grey (sand) and gold lustre vessels.

New Zealand artist Jane Denton has a new collection of her signature embroidered works. 
(P.S: my man's handmade Company and Things trestle desks are looking good in-store at LETLIV.)
Ehmergerd, the baby clothes from NZ brand Peppin are adorabubble! They design all their own textiles, too. This is the pencil-sketched Peppin signature print (that Cardi is eva-ree-thing).

If it takes you more than 7 minutes to remove all the cushions off your bed/couch before you lay down/site down, you may have too many. The struggle is real. Love these ones by NZ textile brand You're Welcome (awesome name).

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