Good morning, good morning to yooouu...

I agree - all is well here. (Politely ignoring the ballsack art.)
Steal this idea: drawers at the end of the bed.

What is this? I love it!
Bleached babe. (Special hat tip to those white lights and white tapware.)

Layering - this bed does it well. 
Soft grey walls can look super fresh, don't you think?

This is giving me camping meets restaurant kitchen and casual cool. If you're a real foodie for whom the kitchen is the heart of the home, I think this is a super unique, super stylish way to have your kitchen. 

It's far from a designer home kitchen cliche and I love that.

I would sit here and write you a love letter.

You can see the rest of this mid-century-loving Melbourne pad on Design Sponge.

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