Citta AW15 collection (including a new furniture and lighting line by David Moreland)

Citta launches their Winter15 collection online today, and it's got the goods, people. I shall be ordering many items. Every collection, Citta's design team use a city as a jump-off, and Deco Deco was inspired by 1920's Paris. 

One of the most exciting things about this collection is the super clean, contemporary-yet-classic line of furniture and lighting we've ever seen from Citta, thanks to established NZ designer David Moreland having joined the Citta studio. This bodes very well indeed...

Dogs and spots - reversible bedding for the win.  

Soft pink and side table

David Moreland has designed a family of floor and table lamps, including this black beauty.

Cute for kitchens...
This bae is actually one of a range of bed headboards, doubling as racks.

Yaaaaaaaaaas, Citta - your Radial furniture is on point.

Make a note - I think the Radial Shelves are destined to be a NZ design classic.
Sold as stackable units in different lengths, so you can choose the span and height that suits.
Brass fittings and chamfered corners make this fresher than your average.

Another brilliant addition to Citta's collection - the Radial floating shelves.
Eep, I want the whole furniture family.

H E R E    A R E    M Y    T O P   O F    T H E    P O P S:

1 •  The right lights. Terrain shades in black, oyster and white.

2 •  Superb little Radial dining chair designed by David Moreland  - one part of a whole new awesome gang of Citta furniture.

3 •   
Get on my bed now, Mon Ami.

4 •
 Palette cushion cover and pillowcase.

5 •  
The Radial Shelf - the Channing Tatum of this Magic Mike collection.

6 •
 Blush and black Jolie cushion - love the scattered hand-painted pattern.

7 •
 My fave pattern in this collection, Pois, is seen across all sorts of homeware including tea towels and mugs. Here, it's on a grey and white placemat.

8 •  
Moreland gives good light (this is the Shift table lamp). 

9 •
Ah, that shelf again - choose how many shelves you want - 2, 4, 6?

10 •
 Pois ceramic tray (this is my fave) - coming very soon... 

11 •
 Pois tea tins.

(I really could've picked another 25 things for this list but it's Monday and you have places to be, things to do.)

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