Win - your choice of artisan tea (in super stylish packaging) from NZ's Storm & India

Storm & India are one of those NZ brands with style and substance. The packaging is so well designed - your tea comes in a little steel vessel (with both an outer lid and an inner lid) and classic type that looks beautiful on your shelf. But the tea itself is even better than the packaging suggests. All certified organic, all natural, and sourced from small artisan producers around the world. And there's something for everyone - whether you'd like a cleansing detox tea, organic fruit tea or premium green tea, a rare and delicate blend to relax, or something sweet and comforting like Coconut Chai or Elixir Chocolat. I'm a fan.

Comp now closed - congrats to Kris van de Water!

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  1. Chocolate tea exists? Like, really? Oh my, oh my, I'm in. Thanks for sharing this, I had no idea this exists.
    Even if I don't win I know what I'll slip through to someone as a wish :))


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