Playground - prints by designer (at Homestyle magazine) Amber Armitage

Every designer needs their own space to play, to create, to experiment. For Amber Armitage, stylist and senior designer at Homestyle magazine, that space is Playground

Amber's Playground brand first launched a few months back with a series of illustrated botanical prints (peep those over here) - and this is the latest Playground series, Road Trip. There are four prints so far in the series, with more to be added as Amber heads off on weekend roadies around the country. A third series, Change of Perspective, is also being worked on - check out the sneaky first print from that collection below... 

All of the prints in the Road Trip series are available in A4, A3 or A2 (I'd go A2!)

Love the slow-pace, soft focus of Amber's Watercolour print

Look Up is the first in a new Playground collection, coming soon...

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