New YEAH Pick n Mix!

The first Pick & Mix for twenny-fifteen. I'm going to try to bring you one of these each and every Friday, kay?

I do love a good tumbler. They're the triple threat of vessels - coffee cup/little planter pot/pen holder for your desk. These speckled handcrafted lovelies are by New York-based Forrest Lewinger (name envy) who makes all sorts of awesome ceramics under her Workaday Handmade brand.  

MAGAZYN store in Antwerp, run by an Art Director-turned-shop-owner Thomas Haarman. Holy shit that concrete tub is my whole life.

Melbourne's Gemma Patford makes these painterly rope baskets (and other goodies too)

Photoraph via Fatboo

Photography via Breakfast Out

Melbourne's so cool at this point that all other other cities are jealous and taking notes. Mina-no-ie (translated it means 'everyone's home') is a casual-contemporary Japanese-inspired cafe located in an old industrial warehouse in Collingwood. The cafe also sells minimalist homeware, and plants from a local florist. The beautifully simplistic interior was designed by co-owner (who also happens to be an architect) Zenta Tanaka. Think a trip to Mtown might have to be on the cards for winter...

This dreamy image via Koskela
Beautiful ceramic lighting by Anchor Ceramics (Australian architect and maker aka renaissance man Bruce Rowe).

Only $15

Happy weekend, lovers x

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