Material Creative do it again with Haven...

NZ interior architects Material Creative do it again (they can't not do it! they're probably doing it right now!) with Haven, a day spa in Auckland. The goal was, of course, to create a soft escape from the busyness of the world outside - but an important distinction was made that nothing should be a beauty/spa-cliche or overly girly. Think soothing, relaxed, but with a touch of sophistication. 

Toni and Olivia arrived at a palette drawn from the moodiness of nature - stone, shades of green, the colours of clouds and fog, natural textures - with some surprising little accents of bright coral. That deep green wall (Resene Kermadec) wasn't the easiest option to get over the line, as it's such a bold choice. But fortune favours the bold, my darling... I think it really makes this space something special - agree? 

Love this sage green Circus Stool (from everyday-needs)

 LOVE those Dr. Spinner lights - by a fave of mine, Australia's Lab De Stu
(Material Creative had them powdercoated in a custom colour, because they're 5% cooler like that)
Kaleido trays by Hay in the brand accent colours. Nice touch!

Kristina Krogh art print, and that amazing Kermadec green wall...

One of the girls' fave design choices in the space - these cane chairs from Indie Home Collective.
The bespoke shelving was created by custom powder-coating some basic shelving,
then adding rough concrete feet

Resene Kermadec and stone make a gooood-looking couple.
Tom Dixon tea set (from Simon James Design) adds some luxe

Best buy - the stone counter is actually super-affordable soapstone marble (formica). All photography by Jeremy Toth.

Identity and stationery by NZ designer Sarah Callesen

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