Ice Pops that look good and taste good and are good for you. That's a lot of goods, Dr Feelgood...

this image via Mondays

Friends Jacks and Jacci (Craig Jackson and Jacci McFarlane) launched Dr Feelgood handmade frozen pops only a week ago - after a year of research and flavour development - and already they're having trouble keeping up with demand. 

I can see why. Loving the hand-drawn type logo and identity, and especially dig the packaging - each pop comes inside a little box - no plastic.  Every pop is made by hand by Jacks and Jacci (um, guys, you're going to need some people to help you...) and they're good for your summer booty - all of them are free of refined white sugar, many are dairy free and the ingredients are 100% natural, mostly local and organic. Dr Feelgood is currently sold in just a few stores in Auckland and Welly (hey - if you want them in your local cafe or food market, let them know!) or you can catch Jacks on his bike cart (with solar-powered freezer) at markets around Auckland. 

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