Fancy S-P-A-C-E-S for your Sunday!

Grey and blush bedding, black floorboards... nice work, Cultiver.

Good morning, sunshine! Can anyone tell me what that purple-leaf plant is?

Really digging that rug (PS: Urban Outfitters have similar), and never not digging white-washed floorboards.

My kind of Christmas table. Idea to steal - those cute buntings!

I spy with my little eye something beginning with A.

Soft, simple and white canvas, with black as the accent colour. APPROVED.

This bedroom is so cool and lovely, I wanna hang out with it at lunchtime.

Just thought this was a lovely little set-up. 

Are you serious right now? This has got to be in my Top 10 bedrooms of all time.

I could stare at this house for hours. Happy Sunday, lovers.

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  1. My best guess on that purple plant is an oxalis...also called a false shamrock or purple shamrock, they're really lovely and close their leaves at night...although I've never seen one that tall! x


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