Good morning bae, I found some Fancy Spaces for you

Teeny tiny apartment of the day!

A huge glass vase with foraged foliage (say that 5 times fast), chairs that don't match, and white vintage lockers.

If you've run out of couches to put your cushions on…. your bed's next! 
Love this colour palette - grey and taupe and a dash of YES.

These rooms are my fave, the ones that actually look like a real person (and their dog-friend) lives here, not a character in an over-styled, clinical lookbook. Love the over-sized Debbie Carlos photo, brass lights, dark wooden floors, french doors to outside (you know me by now aye BFF) and lots of light. 

This is nice, aye! (What else do you want from me? It's Sunday.)

Hunting for George have some yummy new bed linen and some babe styling happening. 

Love the hazy ocean print, THAT CHAIR THO, the almost-black ceramics tying in with the cushions, and all the textures here making it feel super cozy. Better living everyone.

O hai Country Road your home collection is pretty dope. Coral/blush pink, grey and white with blonde timber is a killer combo with diet coke though please I'm watching my weight. 

Teeny tiny apartment of the day #2! This Swedish paper crafter has the sweetest instagram feed.

Chaise dreams.

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