Design Diary - Georgia Jay!

After graduating from Otago University school of design, Georgia Jay set out to make a living doing what she loves, designing and crafting bespoke products and working with beautiful leather and fabrics. She started her label - Georgia Jay - just last year, and now is not only stocked at some of the best design and fashion spots around Auckland and the rest of NZ (Georgia often creates one-off styles exclusive to a store), but also has her own workroom and storefront space, Terrarium.

Terrarium (at 467 New North Road, Kingsland) is shared with growing number of other independent designers - all young woman who own their own fledging design brands, pursuing their dreams individually but together, with the fellowship and contagious inspiration that a co-working space offers.

As a side note - I get so excited (insert Kristen Wiig SNL excited-face gif here) seeing these independent handcrafted businesses doing so well - and if you're dreaming of starting something of your own, I hope these stories encourage you to do it, Batman.

With the leather informing the final design, no two Georgia Jays bags are the same

One of the first things I did this morning was…
Violently woken up by Maddie throwing stones at my window, having slept through my ridiculously early weekend walking alarm. Then again i’m self employed, so I don’t generally participate in these
things people call weekends.

Highlight of today…
My sister works for me on Saturdays, she is a treat to have around and we usually focus on shooting
new products and attending to social media, imagery and the overall branding side of the business.
It’s the fun part, capturing the end result of an initial idea in a process which you are so personally
invested in.

The stairs above Terrarium lead to Georgia's apartment...

Georgia lives in a light-filled apartment above Terrarium,
the Kingsland studio and storefront she shares with several other indie businesses. 

A challenge/frustration in my day was:
The current state of my to list of To Dos, I have a Pop-up store from Monday (this week) in Ponsonby so juggling orders, Christmas production and the development of expanding my range has been the most challenging yet rewarding project.

Today, I learnt:
That there is nothing that makes me feel more nervous and vulnerable than having to face a camera,
it’s unnerving and unpleasant for everyone involved.

The tastiest thing I ate/drank today was:
Cheese & Honey Whiskey!

Georgia sorting orders on the floor of her studio
(P.S: If she has trouble being in front of a camera, there is no hope for the rest of us. BABE o'clock.)
Georgia Jay bags alongside Revie shoes in the Terrarium space

Terrarium exterior (during their recent 1st birthday shindig) and interior detail, photography by Josh Griggs

Best thing I laid my eyes on today…
My delicious new buttery pom-pom possum pieces I’m working on.

If I could, I would Set eyes on my home town beach & have more time to spend with all
the people in my life who I love so dearly every day. 

Georgia Jay   website   /  Facebook   /   Instagram

If you're in Auckland this week, pop-over to Georgia's pop-up at Ponsonby Central...

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  1. A very creative workplace for you Georgia. All the best for your future success.
    You will exceed your expectation. Have some fun along the way too. from Neil and Maureen B/Bch


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