BlakChaos opens in Ponsonby and the interior design is ON. POINT.

I spy: plinths in copper, and marble with copper feet, and wooden floorboards painted gloss white, contrasted with thick black graphic clothing racks that extend right up to the ceiling.

See that minimalist white shelving? Love it. It was designed by Teresa and Rebecca.

Real Good Copper chair from Blu Dot

These girls can'tstopwon'tstop - NZ designers Teresa Hodges of Blak and Rebecca Anderson of Chaos & Harmony have opened the doors to their 2nd flagship store - in the emerging fashion precinct that is Auckland's Ponsonby Road.

It's fresh and minimalistic, with a sister aesthetic to their Mount Maunganui store, but with some new design tweaks including accents of copper and marble contrasted with bold black lines. It's all been done in a very clever, classy way - marble and copper are super on trend, but the subtle (custom) details give Teresa and Rebecca flexibility to evolve the store and transpose different elements. We love the way these two brands have 'played' together, too - with Blak's collection on one side of the space and Chaos & Harmony's on the other, and a centrepiece showing off combinations of the two, so you can see how the two brands can be styled together.

And hey, yeah yeah, I know this isn't a fashion blog, but it's clear that Teresa and Rebecca's design eye extends beyond dressing women to dressing spaces... the interior design of BlakChaos Ponsonby is - just like their first store - all their own concept, with bespoke detail after bespoke detail designed by Teresa and Rebecca, and it's so. on. point.

Blak website   /  Instagram   /   Facebook

Chaos & Harmony website   /   Instagram   /   Facebook

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