AUT students mentored by NZ designer Bec Dowie (Douglas and Bec) - check out their homeware / furniture design work...

Core'd vessels by Joshua Bradley
Last year, leading NZ designer Bec Dowie (Douglas and Bec) mentored a group of students in their final year of Industrial Design at AUT. The result of their working together was a series of product prototypes shared with the public in an exhibition at the Douglas and Bec flagship store. Material Matters was so well received that they've done it all again... 

These are just a little sample for you to nibble on. But please - you should totally head on over and view all of the work here at the Douglas and Bec Facebook Page, and vote for your favourite to win People's Choice honours.

And if you're in AK, drop in to AUT's Art and Design Building on St Paul Street to see all the work in the 2015 Material Matters exhibition (runs today to 20th November).

wooden tray with brass handles by Sujin Jang
 Loop shelves (copper or brass) by Stephanie Gwilliam

His + Her Hangers by Justin Rosaria

Tim shelving system by Mackenzie Living
(Mackenzie, you officially have the best name-surname combo I've ever heard. Thinking of changing mine by deed poll.)

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