A boutique candlemaker in Wanaka - George & Edi

Some of the George & Edi classics range (yum, grapefruit and mint!)

new solid perfumes for delicious-smelling wrists and necks

Living overseas for 18 years (London/Melbourne), Sarah Agnew decided to leave her corporate career and come home to New Zealand, to have a go at creating her own little empire. Love that. She also decided to settle in one of her favourite holiday spots, Lake Wanaka. Clever girl. Having lived in rented, fully-furnished (ugh.) places in cities, she had felt firsthand how important it was to find little ways to make four walls feel like home. 

George & Edi aims to do just that, with a growing collection of hand-poured-to-order boutique candles and other fragrance goodies. Along with a classic candle range in minimalist packaging (and 8 different scents), there's the new Deluxe candles - in almost-black, imperfect metal vessels each handcrafted by a local Wanaka metalworks. The deluxe fragrances are more complex and a little darker than your average scented candle - I have the Oak Moss and it is exactly that, it's moody and beautiful. My personal fave is 22:00 We Surrender To Sleep - it's designed for after dark, with leather and smokey notes (mmmmm) which add a sexy edge to the lavender, i.e: not your nanna's lavender. 

Sarah has also designed extra-large candles with 150 hours of burn time, new room sprays (I actually have a small addiction to room sprays. It is becoming a problem.), diffuser sets, and a brand new range of solid perfumes in all the most popular fragrances.

You can find George & Edi at 28 stockists around New Zealand or at the George & Edi online store.

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