New NZ home design book, Green Modern (and The Block's Alex & Corban's VERY cool container home)

That bank of windows though...

Outdoor bath!

This hilltop honey is The Block's Alex & Corban Walls' first home-build project, a container house at Muriwai beach. (I featured more photos from it here). 

It's just one of many eco-conscious, contemporary NZ homes in the new Green Modern book by Claire McCall. Alex & Corban's place was designed and built by Corban and his surfing buddy - young architecture graduate Fraser Horton - out of six rusted and dented second-hand shipping containers and many hundreds of hours of hard work. 

Green Modern's great-big-coffee-table-book pages showcase 15 different NZ homes that embrace the principles of stylish yet sustainable design and environmentally-sensitive building – from inner-city pads to remote island retreats. Amongst the 250 pages of inspiring NZ architecture and interiors, there's also plenty of tips and how-to's for creating or renovating your own green modern home. 


  1. This property is freaking amazing, I love it a bit more every time I see it!

  2. Lovely Ella Quaint pictures on the wall, too

  3. Oh wow. Sucks to be everyone else on The Block this year

  4. This is a dream home. I feel annoyed I dont live here

  5. Alex and Corban so rock, i am enjoying them on The Block

  6. very disappointed in the block for taking these two on this year. It makes for very poor television, they are obviously more experienced than the other competitors.

  7. They also own this home
    Rented at $750 to $1,000 per night

    Block competitors have no chance


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