New brass babes from lighting designer Joska Easterbrook

NZ designer Joska Easterbrook has a new Joska & Sons range. Following on from his sophomore copper collection, it's all brass-accented and all made to order. Yes, we like that. That brass bracketed simple shelf is my fave. 

(Also, we like stories like Joska's - how moments in life that seem chaotic and awful can be the very making of you. When the catastrophic Christchurch earthquakes destroyed the cafe Joska worked at, he and two others set about creating a new space from which to keep the espresso flowing. Joska took charge of designing the interior for the temporary cafe, and with a post-quake budget restricting too much spending, he designed and made his own furniture and lighting for it. And realised that everything he'd been doing in his life up to then had lead up to this. You just never know when you're going to find that thing that makes your heart sing...)

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