Love Nest - a NZ mother and daughter craft combo

Helen & Leah are a mum and daughter who share a love of making and all things interior design. They've turned their lounges into workrooms and are making a fast-growing range of cushions, banners, tote bags, chalkboards (my fave - the chalkboard bunting) and lots more. Go have a lookee!
They were inspired to start Love Nest not only to make little design goodies for homes, but also to spread kindness and do some good along the way. 

They're inviting you guys to nominate someone who deserves a little kindness, and every month, they Pass It On, picking one person to send a hamper of goodies to (go here to nominate someone).
They're also using part of Love Nest sales to sponsor a child in poverty.

Designing and making, doing good, hanging with your ma - I love it, Love Nest.

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