Design Diary - Rachel and Jared of Swift & Click

If you're a reggalah reader of Fancy, you'll probably recognise Swift & Click as the photographers who shoot my Day In The Life series - following around some of my favourite New Zealand designers for a day, documenting their work and personal lives. Like me, Rachel and Jared are based in Mount Maunganui... this place is the perfect marriage of laid-back beach lifestyle and mini-Auckland-city-style. Speaking of marriages, Rachel and Jared are also wedding photographers - if you're planning a wedding they do seriously beautiful, richly authentic photography of real people, in real moments. You should definitely check out their portfolio. 

One of the first things I did this morning was…
Jared:  Stumble out of bed in the dark and put odd socks on. Me and Andre (our video guy) had to go up to go up the mount to do some filming at sunrise while Rachel went off to drink coffees and gossip (take photos at a cafe). 

Rachel:  Woke up way to early! Luckily Char (my 9 year old) is a whizz on the coffee machine. We took the boy's down the Mount to capture the sunrise then I went over to shoot one of my favourite cafes 'Love Rosie' with Alana, for a feature that's going on Fancy and in a magazine.

Highlight of today…
Jared:  Sorting out the gear cupboard in PJ's. I love it when all the gear is nicely displayed and in order, probably because it's so out of the ordinary. After a week it will be messy again. 

Rachel:  Watching Jared sort the gear cupboard, which meant I get the kitchen table back!

A challenge/frustration in my day was:
Jared:  Sorting out the gear cupboard in PJ's. PJ's are really the wrong clothes to be wearing for this kind of task, especially when your wife is taking photos of you and saying things like "If you want it to be realistic you'd better have some butt crack showing". It also took us about half an hour to debate which gear should go in which place. Like most issues we face, a mutual compromise creates the best result- but the process isn't always easy. 

Rachel:  Waking up at 5am, one of the things I love about being self employed is working till the wee stupid hours then sleeping in!

Today, I learned:
Jared:  Cats don't mind getting cozy with a cactus. This proves problematic when they transfer the little needles to your leg. 

Rachel:  It's super awkward being in front of the camera, especially in public. It gave me a new appreciation for our 'Day in the Life' subjects who have to endure a full day of it!

The tastiest thing I ate/drank today was:
Jared:  Avo on sourdough and coffee at George cafe. It's where we go to meet / talk shit / play on our phones / be awesome. 

Rachel:  Equal tie between my Sidetracks banana, date & chia loaf and the George avocados! 

Best thing I laid my eyes on today…
Jared:  My wife. Check out how gorgeous she's looking while she works in the studio with those hot glasses. Even her shadow is cool. I like a pretty sunrise (or sunset) but I like my wife the best. 

Rachel:  I guess since I'm going second I have to reciprocate! My Husband, working alongside the guy you happened to be married too has it challenges but I wouldn't have it any other way. 

If I could, I would __________ every day
Jared:  If we could we would exercise, do music and take photos every day. Actually we probably could do that, it's just that we don't always. We should. 

Rachel:  Walk my dog down the beach, I don't actually have a dog but I want to join that club! I'd also like to take more photos of my family, they're the best and sometimes when you're so busy documenting everyone else's life you forget to capture your own.


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