When you name your cafe Rad, you better have the goods to back it up...

My favourite part - this block white diamond shape that extends onto the floor
(making even more of a feature of the exposed brick wall).

So good, you guys!

LOVE this huge concrete table
Rad's owner, barista Duke Tran (you know the coffee here's good).

When you decide to call your new cafe Rad, you better have the goods to back it up, Donatello. 

And this playful little Auckland spot does have the goods - mos def - thanks to the vision of owner Duke Tran and interior architects Toni and Liv from Material Creative. Wowsers in my design trousers, Material Creative. 

You can't miss it on Mount Eden Road, with its bold black facade and that RAD neon sign. The cedar bifold windows practically bring the cafe into the street, too. Once inside, the first thing you'll spot is the counter - made from literally huuuuundreds of timber shapes that were individually cut, painted, then put together to a pre-planned design. Geometric goodness, my friend.

There's also timber treehouse-style shelving, lego table numbers, and... my favourite bit.... that amazing wall that's part-brick / part-white-plaster. The plaster was cut away on an angle, creating this bold diamond shape that continues onto the floor with white paint. (That was hard to describe! Look at the pictures!)

And we know this is not a food blog, but... the rose water rather than ordinary water on your table is a magic touch, and the Rad rolls sound amaze (I'll have a Grandma's Pork Banh Mi).

Rad cafe   website  /  Facebook  /  Instagram

All photography by Jeremy Toth for Material Creative - thanks Jeremy!


  1. I love it, this is such a cool space, and very clever design. The plaster wall is awesome, and it's clever the way it carries onto the floor to disguise the change in flooring. x

  2. You did well to see it empty! I've only ever been when it's packed - and I've been many times!


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