My bed hasn't had this much fun since my Jem & The Holograms duvet... On Fancy today, a chat with @kipandco:

Ah, Kip & Co. You're right on time. Not since I was 7 with my Jem and the Holograms duvet (I preferred Pizzazz) has my bed had so much fun. I mean, look at that photo up there! So good.

If you've read any interiors blogs or mags in the past year, you'll know all about Kip & Co.
It started as a little dream between three Melbourne girls (sisters Kate and Hayley and their good buddy Alex). In between Alex's full-time job and Kate and Hayley having their hands full with kids, they got together as often as they could - using a table tennis table moved into Kate's lounge room as their design space - and set about creating their first collection. The debut Confetti Dreams range took the girls two whole years to bring to reality, but once launched it was an overnight success. It's been about 18 months since then, and there's been four Kip & Co collections, and the range now includes towels, rugs, blankets and kids' bedding.

When Kip & Co got in touch to show me their new AW14 collection, I took the whoppertunity to ask Alex a few questions..

Your Kip and Co. styling is just so, so good! How much of a hand do you three have in that?
A lot! We are all very creative people and really love that side of the business - we source the location, props, models and styling elements ourselves. 

On the day it's a huge team effort - we have the guidance of our wonderful friend and super talented stylist Amber Lenette on hand. We’ve also been very lucky with photographers, Armelle Habib who did our last few shoots is a meticulous and passionate artist who brings incredible experience, insight and advice on the day too. 

Reversible duvets beat everything

The new collection is called All Grown Up – what's behind the name? 
It's a bit of a coming of age range for Kip & Co. We’ve grown and developed so much since we started a couple of years ago and I think this range really shows a new level of sophistication, while still capturing that sense of childhood fun and mad colour that people have come to know us for. 

What's on your personal wishlist for your homes at the moment?
 I’m desperate for some beautiful photography to add to my art collection - Kate (another Kip & Co founder) has some drool-worth Brooke Holm pieces.  And I saw a mad giant beanbag the other day that keeps playing on my mind!! 

Fave interior design trends for 2014? 
Its important to pick trends wisely - you don’t want to look schizophrenic! For us, this winter, its all about texture. We are loving chunky blankets, woven bedspreads, velvet cushions, layer on layer on layer. Yum!

It's Sunday morning, you're snuggled under some Kip and Co covers, and you're reading/listening to…
Very very slowly making my way through Alain de Botton’s News: A User’s Manual - and the papers.

This RUG!

My fave from the new AW14 collection is this reversible blankie

All this goodness is available online from Kip & Co (or from a bunch of stockists in NZ - including Fancy homie LETLIV)

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