Spaces for your Sunday

An oldie but a goodie. 

This bedroom is like an icecream. But not like goody goody gum drops... some sort of artisan flavour like lavender mascarpone in a heritage maple cone.

That bedroom (sigh) and dining space are from the home of a brazilian graphic designer living in Helsinki. Maybe a little ascetic but I lalalalalove it.

If in doubt, buy a massive pendant light. About three times bigger than your head should do it. Lovely the icecreamy colours here - blue bench seat, minty spindleback chair, yellow wardrobe...

Yiiiiiiiiip, yip this'll do nicely. I like the commercial kitchen vibe here.

I'm not sure how I feel about this! Good, I think? 

Looks like noted stylist Lotta Agaton has pared things right back in her home. Not for everyone, and not for every room, but I'm a fan.

In the warehouse loft apartment of my dreams, there are lots and lots of vintage architect's plan draws.

This house has taken off its jeans and heels and is just being itself. It's home, after all. See - doesn't that feel better?

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