Ones to watch - Motion Sickness Studio (NZ)

Motion Sickness Studio first caught my eye when I saw they'd been shooting in the middle of a forest with furniture makers George and Willy. I'm not going to do a big wordsy intro - only to encourage you to press play on the videos below, so you can see for yourself how well these guys tell a story.

Definitely ones to watch... and I can't wait to watch what they make next.

Who's behind Motion Sickness Studio and how did the business begin?
The company was founded by myself and a friend, Jon Thom, whilst in our final year of University studying Marketing/Design and Fine Arts respectively. Like many creative endeavours, Motion Sickness Studio has developed into a lifestyle rather than a typical job. 

Motion Sickness Studio is still in its infancy being founded just over a year and half ago. We now have a studio in Mount Eden, Auckland as well as Dunedin. The reasonably young average age of the studio crew (all under the age of 24) allows us to give a fresh perceptive when producing work for clients. 

I believe if we continue to push ourselves and produce quality work, good things will happen. 

So many design studios have to take jobs they'd rather not, especially when they're starting out. You seem to have all killer, no filler. Why's that, do you think? 
When Motion Sickness Studio first started we took on jobs that were probably not ideal, however it allowed us to get some work behind us and also gain more experience. 

The important thing for us was to recognize when we were in a position to be selective with the work we take on. By no means have we met our goals as a business yet, we still see ourselves as start-up, however we are lucky now to be more stringent on the brands and projects we choose to be involved with. 

Hopefully by being selective with the projects we work with we can build a good reputation for producing cool work... that works. 

Motion Sickness Studio showreel - a quick tour of their work

Motion Sickness Studio was asked to tell the stories of the city in which they began,
in an ongoing project celebrating the Dunedin community.
In this one, a NZ good sort and his work protecting nature's wonders on the Otago Peninsula. Watch!

Nice little short about NZ jewellery designer Holly Howe

A couple of weeks ago, NZ's Stolen Rum gave away 150 brand new sofas in 3 cities around the world...

Love this music video for NZ's Third3ye

(PS: They've just been working on a video for David Dallas too)

What would be a dream collab / project to work on? 
We have a real passion for telling stories through film and photography. I think to be able to do some travel and produce a doco-film series for a big brand would be a pretty amazing. 

Tell me a favorite quote, lyric, or a piece of advice you were given?
My mum always told me to eat my food slower. I think she was being fairly literal, but I like to think she meant something more…Maybe to enjoy the proverbial meal time of Motion Sickness Studio, not to rush through my starter just to get to dessert. 

Snaps from their new Auckland studio space.
(I think every studio needs a resident pooch-face or two.)

What's coming up for Motion Sickness?
We recently spent a weekend in the woods with the furniture makers George and Willy to produce a branding project for them. Being huge fans of their work we approached them to discuss producing something a little bit different.  The result - a three part video series, still photography and picture book. This book will focus on presenting their story though imagery, sketches and brand ties. Everything we do attempts to give a real and tangible feel to brands in a digital world. It's cool finally have the opportunity to extend this further with a book. It will essentially be a visual representation of George and Willy's story, we hope customers and fans will really connect with it.

Stills from the upcoming George and Willy project

What do you think is the best bit of NZ design you've seen in the past year?
The New Zealand film Shopping, worth a watch.

Always love a good recommendation. What do we really need to check out?
The Bog Irish Bar in Dunedin. Being based in Auckland now we rarely get to visit but when down South on shoot it's a must. Cheap Guinness on tap, a friendly bartender called Zoe and live music.

Super decent photography, guys.

Motion Sickness Studio  website  //  Facebook  //  Instagram

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  1. This is all sorts of awesome! Love their work x


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