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Gold, geometrics and lotttsss of notebooks! Yeah, you know the way to my heart Kristina Krogh.

Digging Kinfolk's short film series, Saturdays - the idea being to inspire you to do something awesome (pick berries, make homemade soda, swim in a river) with your day off.

There's nothing I don't like about design store/cafe/studio and workshop space, Studio Bomba.
Photos by Style & Focus

One of these would make a super cute gift for someone who likes cooking.

Ceramic Bento trays! By young Canadian designer Jessica Nakanishi

Grow me a beard and put a duffel on my back, I'm sold. 
Independent brand Juniper Ridge was started by a group of outdoors-loving guys who wanted to put the mountains in a bottle. They 'wildcraft' fragrances by harvesting aromatic plants from wilderness locations around America, extracting the essential oils in a converted whiskey still, and then turning them into colognes and other products. How this for a scent note: driving down the coastal highway along 500ft ocean cliffs and through misty Redwoods, the smell of wild sage and sea mist in the air.

If you're not sure which one to choose, they do a sample kit of tiny elixir bottles. You had me at tiny elixir bottles. Great story, great products, great design. They also give 10% of their profits to wilderness protection groups. Much more to see on their website.


  1. This round up is out of control, those videos reminded me a little of Pipilotti Rist. I want those bento trays like nobody's business, and I pinned that cooking secrets book for later. You're awesome.

  2. I have used the Juniper Ridge campfire incense since discovering it in a store in London about a year ago. Its the only incense my husband likes, which is fine by me.


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