In the pages of Homestyle..

Yes, interior design penpals, there's a new issue of Homestyle on shelves now and it made me go: wowowowowowow. 

These two images are from my favourite pages in this issue - but there's plenny more where that came from. Seriously good styling by Alice Lines, photography by Melanie Jenkins (Flash Studios)

One of the gorgeous house tours in this issue is this Devonport restoration, home to the head of kitchen design at Matisse, Kady Ward (fair warning: the kitchen is amazing). Photography by Duncan Innes, Production by Janice Kumar-Ward

Photography by Swift + Click, styling Alana Broadhead / Fancy

Ehmergerd, Homestyle Magazine have one of my Fancy X Dilana rugs to give away! See inside the issue for a little interview with me, and your chance to win the rug.

A N D...
Gotta tell you about this because it's such a bargain deal - at the moment, you can subscribe to Homestyle for two years, for the price of one. Which means it's only $53.40 for two years of interiors issuey quality... getitdoit.

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