Naveya & Sloane - Refreshing Brand, Amazing New Showroom

Naveya & Sloane is a boutique, bespoke jewellery brand. As in, the kind of jewellery that's custom made by hand, using traditional techniques. The kind you mark beautiful milestones with, the kind you wear and keep and treasure for the rest of your life.

The co-founder of Naveya & Sloane (and also its head designer) is Rachel Sloane, a fashion designer by education (she was voted 'best up-and-comer'at AUT) who was actually the womenswear designer for Huffer for some time, and then a specialty wardrobe designer on Shortland Street. She worked on the Naveya & Sloane brand and concept in her spare time, gradually reducing her hours to work on her dream.And then in 2010, she made the leap and launched Naveya & Sloane...

Showroom photos by Anna Kidman

Detail from the back office

That brings us to today - or, last week, as Naveya & Sloane have just opened their brand new showroom. The space is on the third floor of the historic (as in 100 years old) Imperial Building. Designed by Fearon Hay, the space is bathed in natural light thanks to those three massive windows and a very tall stud. Walls of exposed brick? Parquet flooring in a honey blonde oak? Ooh stop it. Mid-Century chairs and grey leather upholstery? Woooo! Brass and Marble-topped tables? I think I just came. You can also watch Naveya and Sloane’s expert goldsmiths crafting your future heirloom in the workshop through a glass wall in the lobby.

Rachel wanted to keep the beautiful imperfections of the 100-year old building and keep a touch of the old world. But the overall look, while hella elegant, is also fresh and relaxed. Because, yes, they handle diamonds on a daily basis here and you'll need to book a time to visit, but there's no pretension here. This is a brand that's set on changing up the fine jewellery category a little, with a modern and much more approachable take on an age-old craft.

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