Fancy X Dilana Rug Collabo - See the hand-tufted rug being made...

We're soooo close now to having both of these rugs delivered, so we can photograph them and then 
YOU COULD TOTALLY WIN ONE. A couple of days ago, Dilana sent me a few pics from their workshop, showing some of the stages of the hand-tufted rug being created. eeeeeee I wish I didn't have to give this one away!

Projecting the design onto the base screen and drawing up the shapes; 
then tufting the New Zealand wool (this is the underside - hence the flatness of the wool)

Tufting complete, Sam applies an adhesive to secure all the wool. 
A backing canvas will be added later, after the rug is cut out of the screen.

The finishing touches - shearing and clipping the wool. Woah, it's looking GOOD.


  1. Amazing process. Hurry up and be finished, my entranceway floor is getting cold waiting for it's new coat.

  2. oh, the colours look gorgeous

  3. Great post, very interesting to see how it's done. Awesome.

  4. dude! Mad mad cool.
    Clear the floor..there's a new hot babe in town.

  5. It looks amazing Alana, how exciting! x

  6. My god. that is BEYOND pornographically gorgeous. amazing to see the process.


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