Beautiful new NZ organics brand

Love those glass bottles

Would you just look at this new NZ skincare brand. So super lovely.
Martina Organics is a range of certified organic skin care, hand-blended in small batches by 29 year old Marta Camara (Cuba Street, Wellington). You can find out a bit more about Marta's background here.

Marta has sourced the finest botanical oils - lovelies like apricot, manuka, jasmine and camellia - both from New Zealand, and some exotic milieus like Morocco, Africa and Israel. She's selected only the most pure, active ingredients, from plants that have been used by civilizations for hundreds of years. Camellia, for example, is said to be the soft-skin secret of Japan's traditional Geishas.

Each formula is then put into those thick glass bottles with a wooden stopper. All the packaging is constructed from 100% recycled paper, and the label peels off super easily so you can re-use your glass bottles any way you want (or get $10 off for every bottle you return to Martina Organics).

The three-step range has a healing and hydrating oil cleanser, antioxidant rich toner and regenerative moisturiser and you can get it from the Martina website - and also through Fancy homie, LETLIV.

The beautifully pared-back branding and packaging (perfect for a Unisex range like this) was created by NZ designer Becca O'Shea.

Side Note: This post is not sponsored, although I admit it sort of sounds like it because I'm totally selling it to you. It's just because I'm excited. I'm loving the Maker Culture we're now living in - and especially loving seeing it evolve in New Zealand. I want to buy honestly-made, quality things, things that are good for me, good for my world, and good for the independent artisans who craft them. But I also want to buy beautifully-designed things. And that's no longer restricted to big brands. The many cool cats with cosmopolitan taste who call NZ home are part of a whole new generation of makers who are finally getting the total package right, and it's freakin' awesome. 

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  1. I share your philosophy, Alana. Love it. Thanks again for showcasing yet another Wellington-based artisan, who I should already know about since I live here - obviously I need to get out more.


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