Today's Recommended Reading: Homestyle

L.O.V.E -ing the latest issue of NZ's Homestyle magazine. It's LEGIT these days! 
(I'm bringing that word back, kay? kay thanks.) 

These pics are from the super-cute-and-also-cool feature Big Ideas for Little People.
Homestyle also have some free kid's printables for you, here and here

Steal this idea: House outline 'drawn' on the wall with washi tape. 
High fives for the photos, Melanie Jenkins (Flash Studios).

Hey, I want a giant plastic/ceramic German Shepherd too! (Photo by Tash Hopkins.)

So, SO good, right?

Photos of this rad home by the always-awesome Larnie Nicolson.

Where'd you get those pink teatowels?
Photos of the Leemborg's pad by Duncan Innes.


  1. Love it too! I think the pink teatowels are from Country Road?

    1. Aha from Hay at Corperate Culture - that was bugging me

  2. What an amazing house. I like the liquor cabinet the most.

  3. Aggghhhh I love your blog! Am about to move from Aus to NZ (and have a kids design blog) and so delighted with all the gorgeousness of Kiwi design. Thanks for the free printables too. They are going up in my kidlets room!

  4. hej hej… wehre can i buy this wood… thing on the second picture. thank you for answering me. kind regards.

  5. Where can I buy kids table ??? The one with three openings in front.

  6. I agree! Would love to know where to buy the desk with the 3 openings. Thanks!


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