Pick n' Mix - yummy design finds

Pretty-famous-blogger, designer and cool chick Joy (of Oh Joy!) just moved her blog bidness from her home to a sweet studio space. Yes, I am jealous.

PS: This is her daughter Ruby with a baguette. I am dead. Of cuteness.

Iacoli & McAllister Copper Table. (Good looking-out, Nat)

All leather everything. (By designer Simon Hasan)

Meat & Bread in Vancouver aye. Best ever name for a sandwich joint... and a super cool fit-out too. 

Light bean by designer Katerina Kopytina

The just-launched third edition of Work/Life profiles 100 illustrators - with pictures of their work, their awesome studios, their sketchbooks etc. to give you a peek into the illustrator's work/life, and interviews that explore the ups and downs of being an illustrator, and what it takes to stay creative Watch the vid below... looks awesome, right? And it's only $25

You know I love me a good notebook.

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