Fancy Spaces! Let's make believe we live here...

So, that's a great clothes rack and everything, but putting it right in front of the wardrobe door is a bit silly.

Morning sunshine is a dining room's best accessory.

Well, H E L L O, beautiful.

I don't know about you but glass-topped coffee tables just freak me out. Aside from that, this one's a lifetime member of the Amazing Rooms Society.

I just love a room that doesn't try too hard, know what I mean?

(This is Marsha Golemac's place, photographed by Brooke Holm)

This is the sort of home where the Eames' are real.

[Insert your own comment here]

This isn't a home, it's the Fritz Hansen flagship store. Or as I like to call it, Alanaville.

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  1. So yr redecorating today Fancy x

  2. Oh' the first picture .. We live here. In fact, that door is not wardrobe door. Behind the door is a hallway and there is another entrance ;)

  3. Ooh hello Maja! I LOVE your blog!
    Haha, thanks for putting me straight about the wardrobe. I say some weird things sometimes, but every space is chosen because I adore it. Your home is amazing!


  4. OMG, such a beautiful and tranquil setting, almost like a dream :)
    and of course amazing photography there, love how things are captured behind the lens.


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