Yay! Pick n Mix is back!

It's been so long since we've dipped into the lolly bag together. Did you miss my sticky fingers?
(That's creepy, alana)
But seriously... I've been AWOL lately. Let me re-phrase that, because I hate acronyms. I've not been posting a lot. There was this thing, and then the thing wasn't. And I missed you and I missed Fancy. I'm going back to posting everyday, pinky swear - starting froooooom...... now!

The timelessly-cool Subeybaja table was designed in the 1970's, by Robert Heritage and Robert Webb. Beautiful, right? Now in production by Santa Cole

This video is pretty old but it's also pretty awesome.
Make your own neato camera straps (or make two, and send one to me?) - fun little DIY found over on the good time that is Design Love Fest.

Been meaning to post these for ages. Great stuff from Clara von Zweigbergk, who did the rad Themis mobile and then recently set up my-new-favourite-homewares-brand Hay. I really want some of the Hay geometric trays... 5 different shapes, loads of different colours and sizes...

Umm... this makes me want an iPad quite badly. I am a pathetic example of consumerism.
On second thoughts, I am really cool and nice, and so is this weird poster by Audrey Jeanne

On show at Milan this last week, crystal light bulbs by Lee Broom. I have a little crush on cut glass at the moment. (via We Heart UK)

Wrap Issue 4 is out... it's the design and illustration magazine without staples or stitches, that also turns into wrapping paper (or you could frame the work as an art print). I post about it every issue, sorry. Just a big fan.


  1. i have missed ewe tooooo! LOVE your posts about stuff. Those Hay trays are super, i want a set to adorn my dining room table, bang right in the middle. Love fi.

  2. wow! I love the camera straps. Thanks for sharing such unique pieces.


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