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Hey, babies! Let's look at nice things together, shall we?

All photography © Tom Blachford

Woah, woah woah. Mammoth cafe, in Melbourne, designed by the unstoppable amazingness that is Techne Architecture & Interior Design. Love all the blue (blue-grey terrazzo tiled floor, pastel blue powdercoat on the Dowel Jones chairs, and that electric blue counter!)

Simple-but-non-standard shapes from Sydney ceramic design co, Anekka

It's been a while since we've had some full blown brand inspo. Dig this suite for FineFolk, by Design Ranch. Not sure what the teeny black envelope would be for, but I must. have. one.

Always try to keep one eyeball on what designer Caroline Gomez is up to... and she's up this trio of serving boards, Block. That sexy concave though...

Peekage at the new collection from those Swedish folksies House of Rym, coming in 2016.

~ W I N ~ Designer Picnic Rug from @IntrepidHomeNZ

Summer is still looking reeeal good, honey - there's loads of sunny weekend days and balmy daylight-savings dusks left to enjoy. So, to help you do that, we have one of these boho-babe picnic rugs from Intrepid to give away.

Intrepid is a new NZ home brand and these stunning picnic rugs are their debut product. They're water-resistant and hard-wearing, come in two sizes and more than 10 different designs, and roll up into a cool canvas-handled knapsack. Nice!

Hawkes Bay couple Richard and Emma spent years travelling the world together, then came on back to NZ (excellent life choice, guys) and decided to start a home brand. The concept is to bring the best bits from the 50-some countries they visited here to New Zealand, for your place. (I also wanna mention that they've committed a fixed % of their annual turnover to an African charity that feeds needy children. Do good to do good, people).

Just 2 steps, and you're in the draw:

Follow Intrepid Home on Instagram or Facebook

Send us an email to 
- and include your postal address (you'll need a NZ postal address to enter)

Good luck!

Stone Soup

Spotted this very cool new - and free - independent magazine, and thought you might like to know about it... Stone Soup is the project of a group of collaborating NZ creatives, all expressing themselves through food. There's chefs, photographers and writers, along with creatives from other spheres (like established musicians, designers and artists, all foodies too) and together, they're capturing New Zealand's amazing food culture in the pages of each issue. Volume One - Summer - is out now, whereever you get decent coffee or books.

Stone Soup's founder, photographer Aaron Maclean explains what they're trying to do:

We'd like to help out with what to cook slowly when you're friends are coming over on the weekend and you want to enjoy the act of cooking with a glass of wine in hand, tunes and aromas filling your house and taunting your neighbours to do the same... But we’d also like to show you how to forage or grow some of what you eat, look at the environmental, societal and ethical aspects of food, about the resurgence of makers and what motivates them to fire ceramics, forge knives, or ferment cabbage. The passion for real ingredients of our most innovative chefs and the farmers who make them possible. The contribution our immigrant communities have made to the diversity of flavours our pallets now get to experience... We hope we can create a space where not only creative talent but readers can direct some of their food obsession.

They're busy at work now on Volume Two (and a Stone Soup website), which will be hot on the table right before winter. In the meantime, you can get with Stone Soup on Instagram.

Great things come in little (well-designed) packages: NZ's Noble and Savage Tea Merchants:

Photography by James Stanbridge

Yeah, so... it turns out that sometimes, you can judge a book by its cover. In the case of new NZ tea brand Noble and Savage, some very good taste has gone into the brand and packaging, and just as much good taste has gone into the good taste.

The design has a nautical note, tipping its hat to the tea drinking pioneers who first sailed the tradition into New Zealand. Looking good in brilliant blue, sailor. Design is in the details, and there are plenty of those - little nooks in the stickers (with a brew guide so you know what temp and time brings out the best flavour), a very cool, classic string-and-button closure on the back of the box, and inside, the loose leaf tea is enveloped in a matte gold envelope, with a little tasting card tucked in the back. Why shouldn't everyday rituals be a little bit spesh, right? 

Tea is making a deserved comeback as people like me (proud lover of good coffee) discover that proper, premium loose leaf tea can be super flavourful, aromatic and full-bodied. And I just found out, too, that the caffeine hit your body gets from tea is much more gentle yet much longer-lasting compared to coffee - espresso stimulates the heart and gives you a kick for 30-60 minutes, where tea stimulates your brain, and the effects last 1.5-3 hours. Better living, everybody.

There are 16 different teas in the Noble & Savage range - black (their black tea with chilli flakes, rose peppers and white chocolate is, erm... amazing), green, white, and herbal teas, including teas designed for summer cold brews. 

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go and brew myself an Orange Sky. 

Noble & Savage  online store  /   Facebook   /  Instagram

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