This space has all I need in life. High ceilings and wooden floors, huge factory windows, a cosy bed, and a cuddly dog. I'm serious… that's all I've ever needed, right there. 

This is the bedroom equivalent of how it feels when you hop between clean sheets with freshly shaven legs. Ahhhh...

Lots to love. Concrete bench seat / low shelf for the win. Also, change IS good. 

Something something blonde timber something something.

Now that's a fireplace! (I'm imagining these people have only just moved in, and they haven't got around to adding most of their stuff)

My adult self sometimes misses the college-through-flatting days when your bedroom was your everything space - the place you worked and created, the place you lay on the floor for hours playing music, the place you could escape to. (WOAH SOMEONE'S FEELING EMOTIONS TODAY)

Dressed in yellow, she said hello, come sit next to me you fine fellow. 
Good god I love that glass light, mid-century dining set, black ledge shelf...

If you need me, I'll be in a cottage kitchen like this somewhere, making rosti.

Steal this idea: your fave books, opened so your fave pages are facing out. 

1  /   2   /  3  /  4  /  5  /  6  /  7  /  8  /  9  /  10  / 

Pick n Mix time!

Here comes some brand new flava in ya ear...

Online store (representing indie makers) Koromiko has a bunch of super nice, one-off, pretty-painterly ceramics. This confetti bowl needs to come hang out in my kitchen.

I've been on a months-long quest to find the ultimate keyring. These new brass ones from NYC-based Areaware are probably in my top five.

Ah, Hard Graft, you just keep on doin' it and doin' it and doin' it well
(shout out to LL Cool J circa '96).

I can't even handle these candlesticks.
A N D they're all individually handmade - and packaged - by this handsome nordic Smørbrød (open sandwich typically eaten at breakfast.)

Yessssss! Summerbird organic chocolate (FINE ASS packaging design by Copenhagen-based studio, Homework). 

Froh & Frau have some cute prints

Hey, Klay

I'm digging this new collection of handmade totes by emerging NZ brand, Klay. (Auckland designer Kirsty McLay). Especially that all white one with the fat drawstring closure. You can see the whole collection over at Klay's exclusive stockists, online store Bon Weekend.

Klay first debuted about a year ago with these awesome circular throws...

Beautifully handmade and they look just as good on the wall as they would on your bed.

The Oyster Inn... again (but if any piece of NZ design deserves a double banger, this does)

I first shared Waiheke Island's The Oyster Inn when the boutique hotel first opened. But it's been ages since, and these new images really wanted sharing.

Kudos for the identity goes to Special Group, with flawless interior environment by Katie Lockhart.

above two photos by Simon Wilson

Yes I said yes I will yes (good design makes me feel all James Joycey.)

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