Annnnnd now I want a leather apron.

The studio of the Coco+Kelley blog. Lucky!
(Arched windows are on my workspace bucket list)

Camilla Broman's home is super cute.
Digging the chest-of-drawers-in-the-dining space idea.

Australian interior architect Fiona Lynch is one woman I really look up to. She has amazing taste (you can't buy taste), sets trends rather than follows them, and is a hugely hard worker. (If you like this kitchen and the two bathrooms below, you should definitely check out her website)

This is Fiona Lynch's super power - her bathrooms. I think she's the world's BEST at bathrooms. 

See what I mean?

Love this open-plan community hall vibe, especially the big poo-brown double sink. Desperately want one of these vintage 'primary school sink circa 1982' twin sinks in my bathroom.

Anyone who has the style confidence to do this to their floors and walls is someone I wanna meet and have a bagel with.

Masculine but still fresh. This colour palette would be cool for a bachelor or husband and husband. 

You know, one day we're going to look back and say: "remember when we loved circular mirrors?" For now I'll stay unashamedly obsessed. #Sorrynotsorry.

This is so lovely (except for the clock. Not a fan of the clock, guys).
Black antique-style tapware for the win.

They've given this 1990's farmhouse table a nice little makeover, aye? 

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August Inside Out makes knees weak

Photography by Peter Bennetts

Styling by Claire Delmar, Photography by Felix Forest

Get this allllllll over your eyes right now. It's the August issue of Inside Out and jeepers they know how to pick 'em! 

The theme this month is Living with White, so if white interiors are your jam like they're mine, you should most def pick up this issue (it's out now). And don't think it's all stark minimalism - the homes in this issue show how to do white right, pairing their #0000 palettes with accent colours, or textures, or dramatic dark tones. One of my favourite issues of the year so far.

Behind the Scenes at Swift + Click's studio (for Pop Factory's new collection)...

The Swift & Click (and On My Hand) studio - One Fourty Five

Enough looking around... time to get started!

Capturing the full Summer range on The Wardrobe (Kids' size) by Company and Things

Knocking this modelling thing out'a the park

Bridget gets the next outfit ready

 recommended daily dose of adorableness

Uncle Chris gets the next little slugger ready for his moment
Supah cute Hello Toes socks (which go down to size 'teeny') available through Pop Factory 

Bringing you a little behind the scenes look-see at Swift & Click's recent studio shoot for NZ kids' design brand Pop Factory. Love seeing young and hungry design-led NZ brands doing their thing.
On set was Pop Factory founders and bro-and-sis design team Bridget Lee and Chris Hope, with a play-gang of cute models for the day - Bridget's sons Harper and Henry, plus their buddies Frankie, Isla and Riley. With Bridget styling and Rachel shooting, Swift & Click's Jared captured us some captures of the action.

They were photographing Pop Factory's Summer '15 range, Heroes and Legends. Due to drop in August, the range is inspired by an iconic 90's baseball movie that Bridget and Chris grew up loving. There's a sporty vibe that Pop Factory hope will encourage little legends to get out and climb trees, hop fences, make friends and make a little trouble this summer. 

And here's a little tease of the final collection images...

Tootsies! Henry wears the City of Fun singlet and PF Hands boardies

Frankie says relax (sorry) in the Jailbreak tee and tracks

Riley in the Slinger tee and PF track shorts. (Graphics all designed by Chris Hope - kudos!)

The full range - get it from Pop Factory any day now...
All photography by Swift & Click for Pop Factory and Fancy

Looky here, it's another yummo issue of @Homestylenz for you to preview...

Photography by Tom Ferguson
Homestyle's brand new issue is on shelves now and it's their Colour Decorating special. Happy eyes! 
This home ^ is the baby of an architect and a builder... so, you know... expect awesomeness. 
(Also, don't think I didn't see you there, single rose pink door.)

Photography by Duncan Innes
This issue checks out the home of designer Ingrid Starnes (from the NZ fashion and lifestyle label Ingrid Starnes). The rest of her home is just like this bathroom set-up - sweet, simple and stylish. 

There's also a new build on Auckland's outskirts, where mid-century classics meet modern homeware. ^ Lots of colour coolness in this home! ^

And I L.O.V.E.D this next 'Colour Without Colour' story - looking through the home of interiors store owner Ange Dye (Ange owns Macy Home)...

Kitchen envy (especially those marbleised enamelware bowls)... 

Photography by Duncan Innes

Hope you enjoyed this little tease of the one-hundred-and-thirty-something pages of home and colour inspo - from the Aug/Sep issue of Homestyle, out now.  

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