Ben Crawford does Stockholm...

Husqvarna sent Ben Crawford (author, photographer and winner of the inaugural The Block NZ) to Huskvarna, Sweden (yip, a city after which the chainsaw was named) - to help celebrate their 325th birthday and to document the 'forest to furniture' process. After visiting Husqvarna's headquarters and having a go at felling a tree, Ben explored Stockholm city to see where all the milled timber ends up - made into chocolate-box Scandinavian houses, used to fit-out spaces, and and of course crafted into all the danish furniture I so love. 

"They're a seriously stylish bunch, even in the forest! I think you'd still be in some of those stores Alana - they're filled to the brim with chairs! I'm loving the marble/metallic and wooden combos that seemed to be everywhere. There was one cafe that was just beautiful, fully tiled floor to celling with copper piping cross-hatched over the ceiling..."

Thanks for the pics Ben! But I still sort of hate you a little bit. Just kidding! (not really).

A modernist table designed in NZ in the 60's... relaunched today by the designer's family:

This super cool cuboctahedron is the first product from Homebase Collections' newly-launched sub-brand, Culy & Co. It's called Geo Baby, but this baby's actually around 50 years old. The table was originally designed and made back in the 60's by (the late) David Culy - dad to NZ photographer Brian Culy. His day job was heading up the cabinet-making department at a local technical school, but in his spare time, he'd design and make homeware - recruiting his kids to help out - and supplying to Wellington's iconic Kirkcaldie & Stains (NZ's first Department Store, since 1863!)

One of the products was this bold, modernist table. A few originals still remain in the family today, and they inspired David's son Brian and daughter-in-law Leanne to remake and relaunch the design.

Geo Baby is available now from Homebase Collections.

NZ Well Groomed Fox are B. A. C. K. with these very handsome lights...

Love the light stone colour

OMG you guys, you have no idea how long I've been waiting for these imaggeeeeeessssss! They're the newest product from NZ's Well Groomed Fox, whose first few products scored tonnes of kudos and international awards, but who have been super duper quiet for the last year or two... 
Now I know why! Amongst their other projects, Emma and Nigel have been meticulously experimenting with colours (they created over 250 colour test samples!) and slip-casting, to achieve the precise combo of hue and depth they wanted for these new Notch light shades. 

The Notch pendants are handmade to order in Emma and Nigel's studio, using traditional slip-casting and finishing techniques. Unlike typical ceramic objects, the colour is actually within the body of the porcelain and not applied as a glaze, so the shades keep a really raw, matte ceramic texture. LOVE that. 

Each Notch gets hand finished with small perforations notched into its top surface that cast an up-light. Emma and Nigel also intentionally developed the porcelain so doesn't become translucent when the bulb is on, retaining the matte aesthetic and funneling the light down and up. 

It's NZ ceramics, all grown up. 

There are 5 sizes and 7 bespoke colours to choose from (white, light Stone, charcoal, black, petrel blue, drake blue and soft pink), and an optional matching ceiling rose in the same bespoke porcelain as the shades. 

Well Groomed Fox are easily one of New Zealand's most exciting designers, and I can't wait to see what's next...

Well Groomed Fox   Facebook  /  Instagram  / Twitter

A Day In The Life...

All photography by Swift & Click for Fancy NZ Design Blog

endemicworld's Elliot Alexander is up at sparrows to bike to the ferry, and not home again 'till
you-need-a-headlamp-to-chop-wood hour. In between, with Spotify providing the soundtrack, it's helping customers, packaging orders, artist visits, scouting out new designers, homemade sangers, working on endemic's in-house design and prints, packaging more orders... and plenty of laughs.
I reckon if you looked up down to earth in the dictionary, you'd see Elliot standing there, with a beanie on his head, a fresh-caught snapper in his hand and a wicked grin on his face. But don't let the laid back fool you. This is a guy who  - back in 2008 - launched NZ's very first online design store. And then as the market got crowded, he switched things up and again lead the category, re-launching as an online art print store. There's big plans ahead too - for the online space and the one at 62 Ponsonby Road. 

Thanks to Fisher & Paykel for their commitment to New Zealand design 
in sponsoring Fancy's Day in the Life series. 

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