~ W I N ! $150 of designer journals + planners from MiGoals to Get. Shit. Done. in 2017

I'm sort of an international expert (self-rated, but it counts) on Journals, Diaries and Planners. I have letters after my name. (I don't). So you can trust me to recognise a really, really good one when I see it. And MiGoals' range is right up there.

First and most important of all, MiGoals look good. Don't go spending hundreds on your shoes and bags, you guys, and then show up around here writing in a 1B5. You can't plan an awesome life with an ugly planner. That's just a rule. 

Second, MiGoals differ from other diaries and journals in that the entire brand was founded around a focus on helping people who want to chase their dreams and take action. All MiGoals stationery is designed to help you get really clear on and inspired by your goals and projects, and then help you Get That Shit Done. Depending on how deep you want to go with your planning and reflection, there are 2017 Diaries, Progress Journals (a very cool pocket-size pal with a hard cover), Bucket List books, Goals Books, a range of Desk Pads, and the MiGoals iconic Get Shit Done notebooks - for ticking off To Do's like a boss. If list-making and turning your dreams into reality is your jam, you'll love MiGoals products.

So - thanks to Smitten (New Zealand sales agent) and MiGoals...

we have $150 of MiGoals goodness
(of your choice!) to give away to one of you!

(I like to do competitions where you get to choose the prize, because I assume you are discerning (or fussy) like me, and you're also so lovely that you deserve to win the things that you like best. Kay?)

To win, you just need to tell me what you'd spend your $150 on.
Go have a look through the MiGoals collection,
then email me here: enter@newzealanddesignblog.com

I will also accept bribes in the form of your answer including something for me.

This competition is open to both New Zealand and Australian readers.
One winner will be drawn on Tuesday 6th December and notified by email. 

Fottutamente bello. It's Italian for fucking BEAUTIFUL. We look inside the new Amano eatery:

Just... woah.

I've been so busy opening a store that I haven't made it to Auckland in months. And goddamn, so much good stuff has opened since I last visited! I'm going to need at least a few days next time, because one entire day of the itinerary is already booked out with breakfast, lunch and then also dinner at the newly expanded Amano. They're still doing their crazy-good handcrafted breads and pastries from the Amano Bakery by day, and now they've opened a gob-stopping adjoining bar and restaurant. (Or, because the food is Italy-influenced, let's say forno, bistro and aperitivo.)

Side Note: Guys, I could go on and on (and on) about the cool stuff they're doing here. Here's one example - they make their own flour. Yip, all their daily breads and pastas are crafted from flour they've milled themselves, here on-site, grinding down South Island grain. It takes Amano around 20 hours to make a loaf of bread. This is actually massively important and special, because industrial flour and 'regular' bread is actually awful for your body. So, yeah, you now have even more reason to indulge, and feel not one bit guilty while you're here. Another example? The menu is created and printed daily, depending on what's in season and readily available locally. Freshness and provenance is everything. OK, back to the design...

First, a deep, genuflecting curtsy to architect Jack McKinney (McKinney + Windeatt), who is responsible for the design. Phrase of the day is Sexy Freaking Textures. Textures from the exposed bones of the former factory's long history (pitted, paint-layered walls, huge old pillars and those beautiful big beams), alongside textures from modern features like the terrazzo floors with those big marble off-cuts, and thousands of mother of pearl tiles made from oyster shells.

And oh (oh, oh) those dried flowers installations. Created by Xanthe White.
Can we just have another look at those dried flowers?

I have not seen them with my own eyes, but our amazing contributor - interiors photographer Michelle Weir - tells me that as you walk through the space, the types of flowers and colours change, from neutral to colourful. In the bakery, it's bushels of wheat that are suspended from the ceiling.

Amano also has its own own mini-market, selling flowers, handmade cheeses and fresh-daily pastas. 

Um, Hip Group, I just have one question. How in the hell are you going to top this one? 

Photography by Auckland photographer Michelle Weir of Studio:Weir
Michelle is one of our Fancy NZ Design Blog contributors - we are
so grateful for and in debt to our group of photographers.

 If you enjoyed this feature, p
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- and if you need some outstanding 
imagery, get in touch with her.

New Hutch / Father Rabbit opens a Flagship in a heritage warehouse - LESSSS GO SHOPPING!

Floor to ceiling windows, huge black steel roller door. I could live here.
Look, there's even a bed for me

A place for everything, and everything in its place

A flagship store for Father Rabbit has just opened! Lesssss go shopping!!! You'll find the new hutch in a high-ceilinged heritage warehouse ("Say no more. You had me at heritage warehouse." - you) in Auckland's Orakei Bay Village. 

As well as everything you expect in Father Rabbit's curated homeware and lifestyle collection, the space showcases their growing furniture collection. The Botanist, Brother's Brewery, and the largest ever Farro store will be joining Father Rabbit soon.

Minimalist Infinity Calendar by The Urban Hunter (plus, we have some to WIN)

The Urban Infinity Calendar by NZ lifestyle blogger and designer Shelley Down (The Urban Hunter) ticks a bunch of boxes. First, minimalist good looks; second, it tells you what day it is (don't pretend that's not helpful some days, guys); third, it's a little bit of typographic art for your space; and fourth, you can either hang it on the wall or stand it up on your desk/shelf/you choose. Oh, and it comes in either can't-go-wrong black and white, or nude-is-the new-black (a peachy beige). I brought one!

Available to purchase here

or you can ~ W I N ~ one! 
We have three Urban Infinity Calendars to give away

Head to our Facebook Page or our Instagram (whichever's your jam),
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If you hate social media or just want to email me (love you bb), you can also enter by emailing enter@newzealanddesignblog.com - just tell me in your email which colour you'd choose.

Homestyle Summer Edition - We take a preview perve...

Photography by Prue Ruscoe, Styling Karen Cotton

The summer issue of Homestyle is out this week! Love this home from the new issue - natural materials, restrained design and a pared-back palette in Bondi Beach...

Photography by Prue Ruscoe, Styling Karen Cotton

Photography by Alice Veysey

aaaaaaand there's also this great big feature on the home of local Mount Maunganui pals Stacey and Jake Pyne (Jake is the founder of several NZ apparel brands including Lower clothing, and the Thanks online and physical stores). As well as being one of the most lovely people you'd probably ever meet, Stacey's also a expert finder-keeper, and has a real gift for decorating - bringing her huge, fun family of handmade and vintage treasures together with contemporary design. Recommendation: get this issue for this feature alone.

Styling Juliette Wanty, Photography Wendy Fenwick

They've packed loads of inspo into this Holiday issue of Homestyle - as well as several big home tours (mainly New Zealand homes), there's a future trends feature, a how-to for a contemporary Christmas wreath (no tinsel allowed, guys), recipes to take your summer BBQs up a notch, a big gift guide for him, for her, and for home... and more.