NZ gone AU - two NZ design brands just opened in Australia

I spy awesome spindleback chairs, cute paper autumn leaves 
and a copper bowl that my salads wish they were served in.

Two New Zealand design brands have crossed the Tasman this month, opening their first showrooms in Australia. Citta Design opened their doors in Sydney's Surry Hills, with an Winter Wonderland event styled and hosted by interior don and blogger Jason Grant. If you're in Sydney you should most definitely visit - Citta's Copenhagen collection is its best yet.

And Douglas and Bec opened a showroom in Melbourne, sharing a dreamydreamboat warehouse space (high ceilings, brick walls, HUGE industrial windows) with fashion brand Dagmar Rousset. Reason 4,653 to visit Melbourne. I need to start a Melbourne notebook.

Photo by Andy Johnson for The Design Files - with kind permission.

Photo by Andy Johnson for The Design Files - with kind permission.

Photo by Andy Johnson for The Design Files - with kind permission.

Just remember, Australia, you're really cool and everything, but they're New Zealand-born brands, kay? We don't want another pavlova, Russell Crowe situation (actually you can keep those two).

New from Tim Webber...

My couch just got a boner.
New cushions from Tim Webber - and you can buy them on his online store

A M A Z I N G NZ homes in the latest issue of @Urbismagazine

The latest issue of URBIS is out on shelves now, and it's a special Renovation issue. Five amazing reno'd homes, with a sneak peek for you below. Wear a bib!

I literally have trouble breathing when I look too long at those chairs.

Somebody pass me an inhaler...

From the Soft Focus story - Photography by Armelle Habib and styling by Heather Nette King

This is one of my all-time favourite homes (a 1960's modernist cottage, renovated in a fresh Scandi style), and there's 12 pages - T W E L V E great big bright glossy pages - of photos of it. 

Photography by David Straight

Not surprisingly, NZ fashion designer Juliette Hogan's 1970's apartment reno is total pared-back finesse. This is her kitchen - grab the issue for the full tour.

Photography by Simon Devitt

Ah, my dream - traditional villa exterior, modern interior - this old Auckland dame has had the most stylish reno imaginable, thanks to her owner, Auckland interior designer Tomi Williams. 

And aallllllso, URBIS Issue 79 visits our capital city, meets 6 Wellington creatives, and reports back on the best spots to eat and visit.

Beautiful from the inside out - new Auckland boutique The Tonic Room's brand and interior design.

Images via Gather & Hunt

It's been a bumper couple of weeks on the NZ design scene, and one of the pieces of work making me as proud as ever to be an Aotearoan (let's pretend that's a word) is the identity and interior design of new Auckland organic health and beauty boutique Tonic Room.

Along with creating the logo and complete visual identity, Hardhat designed stationery, appointment cards and tonic bottle labels, art directed the product photography... basically, crafting an overall look that even Aeosop could be a little jealous of. 

Early in the branding process, designers Hardhat recommended Material Creative for the interior, and then the two studios collab-ed, sharing interior moodboards and colour swatches and pulling the brand's icons and patterned graphics - inspired by old alchemic symbols - into the space. You kids are a dream team.

Timothy John x Paper Plane - good good looking new stuff

By now, I'm sure you know that NZ designer Timothy John and his interior design wifey Krista Plews started their own design store, Paper Plane. It's a fave. But what you may not know is that Tim (note the consistently great taste in footwear) has started producing a special line of furniture and homeware exclusively for Paper Plane - Timothy John x Paper Plane

The in-house Timothy John x Paper Plane brand kicks off with some new recruits to the Sidekick family of furniture...

Archibald hogging the limelight. 

...there's the hellasexy new Sidekick Coffee Table...  aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa get in my lounge!

... and the new Sidekick Tall Side Table.
All the Sidekicks come in 5 different base colours and 2 options for the top so you get to choose your own adventure.

The Sidekick crew - from left: the original Sidekick stool, chilling next to the Sidekick Tall Side Table (new to the group), Sidekick Counter Stool, Sidekick Side Table (low), and another original Sidekick. 
In front, the new Sidekick Coffee Table.

I'm imagining they're b-boys and they're about to battle the rival crew.

Oh, Archibald. Even you, with your fine sartorial choices and deeply engaging and intelligent conversation can't upstage the new Bowler light, Splay table and Nordic chair.

Splay table is made to order in custom sizes and top colours.
Tipping my imaginary hat to this playful Bowler pendant. 

Those curves. (Hand-turned in NZ by a master craftsman.)

Dat ass.

Paper Plane  online store  \  Facebook  \  Instagram

C U R R E N T L Y - with NZ designers George & Willy

George: I went to India and Sri Lanka in Feb with my mate Dave, which was fun.

Will: Spent January exploring Nepal for the first time. Can’t wait to go back. Some of our photos are here

George: Eating avo on toast for most meals, with a cup of tea made by whoever loses paper scissors rock.

Will: I live on a small avocado orchard so avo on vogels is my go-to. I also love Piako yougurt and ginger beer is epic. I also love cheeseboards. 

George: Our new lightweight paper roller, new shed and finishing Uni in 2 months.

Will: Going to work in New York at the start of May, which will be pretty exciting. Hopefully I get a Visa.

George: On Instagram, this family called our open road. They are just travelling the world living in their van, and post about all the people they meet.
Will: I saw this Sesame Street video the other day on the Smith Journal blog - ‘How Crayons Are Made’ - it's pretty cool. There is another Sesame Street one showing how they make saxophones.

George: Having both my Grandads to help me with ideas.

Will: The smell of freshly sawn Macrocarpa and Feijoa season. 

George: This morning was Geoff Robinson’s last day doing the National radio morning show since starting in 1970. Not that I ever listened to it, but its pretty awesome that he has been doing it for that long, it reminded me of my Grandfather, who has listened to him every morning since 1970. 

Willy: Anything with a saxophone in it. I like the happy stuff. Music in the morning is crucial, I want speakers in the shower. 

George: Chopper Chatter, a book about a helicopter pilot based in Wanaka, interesting guy with heaps of stories about flying around the Southern Alps. 

Will: Monster Children’s 10 year anniversary book is very good, also Smith Journal. books with heaps of pictures and ones which feel and smell nice. I don’t like it when hardcover books still have that protective sleeve on. 

George: Helicopter Licence.

Will: Hopefully I will be able to go skiing a bit this year. 

George and Willy's industrial clothing rack and wall-mounted paper roller (love that!)

George and Willy Website   \   Facebook   \   Instagram   \   Tumblr

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