You've been so good this week - want some sweets? Friday Pick n Mix time:

Been hunting for plant potting options this week, and I'm digging The Northern Market's rope baskets. (By American indie maker Lindsey Zinno). Would also be good for items and things and sundries.

I hate clutter. Clutter. See, the word even sounds messy. So I pretty much have storage baskets for my storage baskets. The Muuto Restore basket, which has been around a couple of years now, is an international fave in the storage stakes. Well they've now extended the Restore range with a lower tray (soft rectangle) style, but even better - a new round Restore basket. Give me all the circular things! There's also new colours, including a sage green.

You know we love a minimalist black exterior, don't we - but it's actually the interior of this renovated 1920's worker's cottage that's stealing the show here for me. Seriously, why would you ever stay in a city hotel (even the 'premiere' ones have shampoo that snaps your hair off, coffee that tastes like burnt dreams, and decor designed in 1996) when you have options like the beautiful Durham House, in West End Brisbane. As well as being a boutique accommodation, it's available for location shoots and events.

Minimalist studio supplies! Rolu paper roller (available here, only US$50), by Japanese designer Chiaki Murata. I believe this is actually blackened brass, too - so... bonus points for that. There are perforated edges (love a good perf) along the length of paper every 10cm. Your grocery list never looked so good.

Yeah, yeah, I get it - another candle. But this really might be the best one I've seen - with a simplicity of form designed for ambiance and aesthetics. Oh, and the ceramic vessel is reusable. 
It's a product by Benjamin Edgars, the founder of Boxed Water (read: this guy is awesome).

At Home With: New Zealand craft-is-design brand Sly & Co:

Analogue Digital

Can someone start a blog that consists solely of sharing people's inspo/mood boards? I'd read that.

(That little mustard and black plant print is a Sly & Co cutie - get yours here)

Screenprinting frames for hand-pulled Sly & Co prints

X does all her own sewing for Sly & Co

Lou and Rob say they're hoarders and collectors, and a little bit crazy about art. 

Part of the architect's block set, Block Haus

This gallery wall makes me happy - Sly & Co prints hanging in a little fam.
Jump for Joy print available here, Alphabet print here.

We love Sly & Co's hand-painted Block Friends

(And how 'bout these guys? They look a little startled. It's OK, guys.)

Music and art, always

Lou paints a new series of blocks (love that muddy pink, Lou)

These lovely faces are owned by Louise and Robert Sly of Sly & Co - a very cool little NZ craft-meets-design brand that you need to know about. 

Sly & Co is like a little gang of friendly, graphic goodies - hand-pulled art prints, cushions, building blocks (block friends, horse blocks and an 'architect set' called Block Haus) and more. Sly & Co has an aesthetic that's all theirs, and we love that. Not a Scandi-minimalist-marble-copper-thing to be seen for miles. (Just. Do. You.) 

Also, every item is made by hand, by Louise - whose background is in spatial and fashion design - and Robert - a graphic designer - at their home in South Auckland. 

You can buy Sly & Co online, or from one of their stockists in Auckland or Australia - or go and meet them in-person at one of the many markets they run a stall at (Auckland Fair, Crafternoon Tea, General Collective, amongst others). 

Imagery captured by Fancy contributor,
wedding & lifestyle photographer Samantha Donaldson
(also @samanthadonaldsonphotography on Insta)