This little beauty is OSLO, a new vegetarian restaurant in Valencia, Spain. 
I'm in love with the soft, simple modernity alongside crumbling old 1850's bones.

Black on bedroom walls is surprisingly relaxing. (PS: you just know that some really handsome, intelligent man lives here.)

Take one concrete wall, chairs that don't match, a row of Tom Dixon matt black lights and a giant letter lightbox. Mix until awesome.

I may or may not have picked this simply for the tight spindleback game. Don't judge me.

WOWAH, look at that black tapware!

Steal this idea: festoon lights hung over the corner of your mirror. Like it ain't no thing.
Hello, you Industrial honey. 
Especially digging that concrete slab table with the pick n mix of vintage and industrial chairs.

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endemicworld have just moved into a new space, but they can move out again because I'm going to live there.

Ah, yeah... don't get too comfy in your new space, endemicworld.  I've decided I'm gunna live here.

This home/interior in Inside Out is giving me palpitations...

This is the cover shot - which is very sneaky/clever, because WHO is going to walk past THIS and not pick up the issue?

Hans Wegner rocker, will you be mine?
Styling by Marsha Golemac, photography by Brooke Holme for Inside Out
(Love those grey porcelain lights from Mud Australia)

Would you just L O O K at this house? I'm getting tachycardia! This blog is bad for my health!
It's an old edwardian worker's cottage (in Melbourne), with a big, bright contemporary extension, lots of iconic pieces of furniture and the best art collection ... Bonus points for the doggie (always bonus points for doggies). There's also loads more photos to furiously cut out and glue to your dream-board in the current issue of Inside Out.

The couple who live here stripped the paint from the floors to allow the timber to shine through. Well played, you guys.

Amazing home studio space. (Industrial plan drawers are a must.)
Styling by Marie Graunbol, photography by Martin Solyst/Living Inside for Inside Out

There's also this dreamy Copenhagen home of the woman behind the MisseMai brand (that's a MisseMai print up there in the kitchen)... plus ideas for doing a Spring re-arrange (cleaning optional) at your place, some tips and easy projects for floral styling, and an old railway carriage that a couple turned into a teeny beach bach. 

I'm also going to remind you that Inside Out is now a monthly magazine - which is really a public service announcement. (You are totally welcome.)

Nice work from NZ's Josh Thompson:

Reeeeeally digging the work of Christchurch-based design studio Thompson Co (Josh Thompson) for Neat Places' city guides.  Here's a little more Thompson Co. work...

Fancy S P A C E S


Woah, I LOVE THIS. Love the heavy use of black (still looks really fresh though, right?), the blonde bench seat, the over-sized vase with foliage. Foliage is the new flowers.

All black err'ting.

Can never go past mis-matched chairs and lots of natural light.

I've wanted to share this kitchen for aaaages but that cock's been stopping me. 

Also, if you have grey linen sheets you are allowed to never make your bed ever.

Dayum gurl I'm finding some nice spaces for you today! I'd update the tapware to gold and put some new gold handles on the cabinets.
(I'm undecided on those grey wood-look floors here though… kinda looks like one of those awful 'arty' photos where part of the photo gets made black and white and the rest is colour.)

Insert your own caption here.

And here too please. (hey, it's Sunday, I got sunny-outside stuff to do). 

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C U R R E N T L Y... with NZ's childrensware brand Pop Factory Shop

Sis and bro Bridget (Lee) and Christopher (Hope) work together on NZ's coolest little children's ware brand, Pop Factory Shop. Inspired by Bridget's littlies - 3.5 year old Harper and 1.5 year old Henry - Bridget and (Uncle) Chris are doing some very rad things with kids' clothing, plus kids' art prints and pillowcases... and even more rad things with the brand graphics and packaging. This is a brand for mums and dads with an eye for good design.

I asked them what they've been getting into and up to lately...

B: Working hard on our PF Winter '15 Range - it's a fun one and much bigger again! The sampling process is lots of fun, picking fabrics, colours, trims!

Working away on PF Winter 15 graphics after work hours at TCSS, my full time job.

B \ Playlists Chris has made for his nephews through Spotify. Our favourites to dance around the living room to are: The Wanderer - Dion & The Belmonts, Magic Dance - David Bowie, Chinese Children - Devendra Banhart, Bad Kids - Black Lips, I'm Gonna Mail Myself To You - The Bergerfolk

C \ Right now, Bad Girl by Lee Moses. But all year its been Popstrangers new album Fortuna.

B \  I don't find the time to read actual books, other than kids ones, but I always have time to flick through the favourite magazines though ... Homestyle, Your Home & Garden, Inside Out, Fashion Quarterly, Elle. 

C \ The new Monster Children copy which is a collaboration with Mike D from the Beastie Boys. I Recently finished Across The Great Divide - The Band & America. A biography that follows one of the most unrecognised bands in history. Top read.

B \ Haven't managed a trip back to Sydney yet, it was my home for 7 years before kids. I'd love to get back there real soon, Sydney has the best vibe and sweet weather. 

C \ Summer! & maybe a van I can sleep in for weekend coast get aways in Sydney.

B \ The sun, the warmth, the caravan, the lazing about! Summer at Whangamata. 

C \ Pretty pumped for the next All Blacks game. And a great mates' wedding at home come Christmas time.

B \ A couple of weeks ago my husband and I snuck away to Raglan for the weekend to celebrate his 30th birthday. We loved the little sea side town. All the locals are very friendly. We stayed at Bow St Studios, on the main street with a view over the harbour. Raglan even has a great little fashion boutique - Atamira - popped in there for a chat and some new jeans. The Shack is the place to eat in Raglan, the locals will tell you the same! Taco's, sliders, polenta chips ... It's all delicious. We'll be back! 

C \ Im playing pool more than I should. My girlfriend and I can't get enough of it. We're also both working on a bunch of drawings for an up coming project with friends called SameWave. This weekend we're going to see the band King Gizzard And The Lizard Wizard - mouthful... but they're pretty great.

B \ My new obsession is Polenta chips. 

C \ Recently went to Chiswick in Sydney for my birthday. The Pork belly made my day. But my go-to would have to be the Ban Mi rolls in Coogee. I get two a weekend. A Vietnamese style baguette with chilli and all the other good stuff. My friend just opened a bar in Chippendale, Sydney last month. Knox Street. That's my local now. Brewing their own cider since… last month.

B \ Instagram is so good for busy lives, a quick scroll a couple of times a day and I feel like I'm up to date again! Here's just a few of my favourite accounts to follow for the best mix of fashion, design and kids: @curated_by, @notsomumsy, @thedesignchaser, @blondeandbone @chloeberkid 

C \ I have a lot of these. My friends are really inspiring. Christa ThorburnBen YoungNanda OrmondMushama & Me

B \ Our customers, our stockists, everyone that gets behind our brand! We're just making stuff we like, it's really humbling see so many others enjoying it too. 

C \ The BBQ I just got for my birthday. Mum nailed it. Going in to summer I can't think of anything better than BBQs on the roof. Thanks Ma.

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