Fancy Spaces

The home of Danish lifestyle and interiors blogger Allan Torp (Bungalow5).
Photography by Brooke Holm; stylist Marsha Golemac for Inside Out.

'Grammer to follow - Carole of Sunrise over Sea (and her beautiful little home). Love the light ply door, the white painted floorboards and always a white Smeg.

Love a layered rug. Melbourne's Pop and Scott (designers of the sofas, tables, planters and lighting) always get it right with their boho-beach vibe.

I dream of owning a home with a big grand hallway (high stud, extra wide, ceiling moulding, wooden floors) like this... Also, if you're framing up a photograph/photographic print, consider a thin black frame - it defo kicks up the modernity and sophistication factors.

This master bedroom has been getting a lot of love around the interweb in the past couple of weeks. Imagine having a turn-of-the-century home with a bedroom that's bigger than your current lounge. This looks like a hotel suite... in a good way. 

Humble, simple and calming.

What would you do in this space? It's lovely as it is but I see a few things I'd change right away - like put those cushions on the chair, and change out that light shade... Love that black bench seat though.

Love this breakfast bar with its view of Stockholm city...

Remember that time the judges crucified Hayden on The Block for his black kitchen? They had it so wrong. I mean, the splash-back was 50 shades of awful, but the kitchen itself was very cool.

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True Collaboration - Abigail Bakker X Paper Plane X JS Ceramics

You know how much I love a collaboration. And this one is a clever little threesome, combining the delicate illustrations and simple aesthetic of young creative and slow-living proponent Abigail Bakker (find her on Instagram here) with the handmade earthenware ceramics of JS Ceramics, and the ethos of design store Paper Plane.

The beauty of handmade ceramics like these are in the mindfulness of the makers. Every piece requires patience and presence to be realised. 

The Seed Collection at first glance may seem simple, but each little detail is completely unique to that piece, and has taken time and complete focus to create. The metaphor for nature isn't accidental...
I also love how subtle the sage green watercolour pattern is, it still lets the form of the ceramics shine.

The Seed collection includes a tea bowl, small dish, spoon, pasta bowl, dinner plate, and platter. Available exclusively from our friends at Paper Plane.

Together Journal

Covetable; collectable

Your first look at Issue Seven - in subscribers' mailboxes today and on shelves this coming Monday

This INSANE cover shot is by Queenstown-based photographer Jim Pollard

Style and Substance - Together is more like a periodic coffee table book than a trad magazine

World-class floral styling is a regular feature of Together Journal's content

From a small studio in a Parnell home, to the world. 

Discussing layouts with designer Hannah Lawless
(Hannah won Best Designer at the Magazine Publishers Awards last year - so deserved Hannah!)

The Together Journal team, from left: Hannah Lawless - Designer; Rose Hoare - Sub Editor and Senior Writer;
Greta Kenyon - Founder & Editor; Caroline Waldergrave - Writer;
Delena Nathuran - Editors Assistant and Vendor Sales & Marketing (Greta's right hand lady)

Together Journal's founder, wedding photographer (and mum of three) Greta Kenyon

No, print is not dead. In fact, there's a renaissance happening for a small number of niche, high-end publications - magazines with a standard of content and print quality that make them every bit as collectable as coffee table books. (You and I know this, of course.)

Together Journal - founded by New Zealand wedding photographer Greta Kenyon - is now one of these very special publications finding a cult following around the world.

When she started Together Journal, Greta was travelling NZ and abroad shooting creative, contemporary weddings. Working alongside her clients, fellow photographers, and other wedding specialists such as stylists, she saw a very inspiring new niche of the industry developing - a direction being driven and lead, in many ways, by our New Zealand (and Australian) wedding professionals and their ideas. This world-class talent deserved a global platform.... 

So, Together Journal was born. A curated quarterly dedication to the modern wedding, and to the phenomenal creative talent that a wedding represents - bringing together fashion and wedding couture, design and illustration, styling, cuisine, flora, contemporary homeware, travel... and breathtakingly beautiful photography. Yes, it's for those planning a wedding, but it's also just for aesthetes in general. Each issue involves up to 40 different contributors - including those who shoot on assignment (such as Danelle Bohane who won Best Photographer at the Magazine Publishers Awards last year for her work for Together) and photographers who submit inspiring real weddings. 

This small-but-perfectly formed New Zealand brand is now very much global. Together Journal is sold throughout NZ, Australia and the US (including in Anthropologie stores and over 300 Barnes and Nobles'), and the team are currently working on European and Asian markets for distribution, too.

As Issue Seven is about to be launched (to subscriber today, and on shelves from Monday) I thought it was the perfect time to share the story of Together - it's one of vision, cajones and the power of collaboration.



Just lovely.

I'd personally steer clear of black in the kitchen if it were anything glossy (hello, fingerprints) but this stained oak is loooovely. Also, I really dig a sink at one end of a counter... who says it has to be in the middle? Espesh if you have a small kitchen. 

Predictably, I love this. Bench seat with storage baskets underneath and a wee dining table set-up with mismatched chairs; tiniest of balconies that's probably an OSH hazard and can't actually be used; pale timber floorboards, vintage cabinets that aren't perfectly uniform; gas hob. All yo' classic Scandi ingredients.

No, this isn't a showroom. Yes, this is someone's house. That sink! Those faucets! The knobs! 

Welcome to my bathroom, here is my black vintage bath with gold claw feet. Here's all my Aesop things lined up in a row. Here's my antique cabinet with towels folded with the folds displayed outwards (not the ends, never the ends) and things arranged neatly. This is my happy place. Want to see the rest?

Simple but lovely. It's the little things - like a pure linen white towel on a little brass hook.

If I were single, I'd be looking for a profile picture like this on Tinder. Don't show me your eggplant in grey sweats, show me your beautifully organised bachelor pad. 

What do we think of a hook rail in the bedroom? Good? Random? Is the candle a fire hazard there? 
I think we can all agree the wall colour and bedding combo is stunning tho...

Steal this idea: Nursery tucked into a reno'd wardrobe - because bebes don't actually need wardrobes, and this is an awesome idea for getting more space out of a space.

Love the super bleached floors, a little touch of brass, and grey on grey bed linen - with a little deep green thanks to foliage and that linen cushion  - super elegant, right?

Love a big injection of black into an otherwise light, clean space.

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