Homestyle magazine - a preview perve:

Ooh, lookee here - we've got a preview perve at the new Homestyle Magazine
(Aug/Sep issue, on shelves this week)...

The new Citta 'Summer 16 collection on show in a modernist Auckland home.
Styled by Alice Lines and Citta Senior Designer Imogen Tunnicliffe; Photography by Simon Wilson

One of my fave bits of content in this issue is a feature they ran this time last year too, taking new SS16/17 fashion collections from New Zealand labels, and using those as colour and pattern cues for interior looks.

One of the Best Dressed looks (styled by Juliette Wanty, photographed by Melanie Jenkins)
- this one based on Kowtow's new Case Study collection

There's also a nice big bunch of aspirational homes, as per - including a tour of this reno'
by Auckland couple Hayley and Darryl French...

Photography by Larnie Nicolson

Can't not mention my Sunday Bench at the end of Hayley's bed (available via The Sunday Kind)

Homestyle Aug/Sep issue is on sale now, or subscribe here and get a third off the cover price.

Furry Stills - endemicworld's founder, Elliot Alexander, opens a pet portrait studio in Auckland:

You know endemicworld (NZ's art print specialists), right? Well endemic's founder, Elliot Alexander, has just opened his own pet portrait studio - Furry Stills

The four leggedy models shown here are, from top: Cash (Elliot's best mate), Taco, and Cashew the Bunny. I'm booking in to get a contemporary portrait of my fur babe, Company.

Pick n Mix

Your Friday Five...

Australian designer and craftsman Mark Tuckey has just released matte black versions of two of his most famous pieces, the eggcup stool and oxo coffee table. We love.

This brand communication project has been deservedly getting a lotta love in the design fraternity. It was designed by LA-based Kati Forner (who's entire portfolio is ridiculously good) and is for a photography and directing team, We Are The Rhoads

Ones to watch - Josh and Jenna Densten (twice contestants of The Block Australia), have established their own interior practise Bicker Design - and their work is seriously good. This is one of their recent projects for a young Melbourne family, Highett House.

You know we keep one beady eye on designer Caroline Gomez at all times. Stuff like this - her new handmade ceramic pitcher - is the reason. #insertglancyglancysidewayseyeemojihere

So very very into the IC family of lights by designer Michael Anastassiades for Flos. Polished brass, mouth blown sphere, and available in a floor lamp, hanging pendant light, table lamp, and ceiling/wall mounted lights. (These are available in New Zealand through ECC)

BLUSH - The purdiest interior design for a modern NZ florist:

Lighting by NZ's Douglas and Bec

aaaaand another shot of that ladder, because why wouldn't we

Is this not the best looking florists you ever did see? I know

It's BLUSH, in Auckland's Parnell, and was designed top to toe by Blush owner and creative director, Kelly Karam. Yes, it was Kelly's idea to make use of that lovely high stud by creating stacked troughs to house the flowers. And her idea to have Powersurge make her a solid brass library ladder (at the risk of sounding like I'm 18, I am obsessed with that ladder) to reach the highest troughs. And her idea to have a massive brass counter custom-made, with handleless drawers in the back. Kelly has an impeccable eye, for interiors as much as for the floral styling she's known for, for weddings, events, and lucky flower-receiving people. Also - special mention to Think Pack who (in collaboration with Kelly), designed the flower carrier and luxe packaging.  Who wouldn't love flowers delivered in one of those long pink and gold foil boxes?

Blush   website   /   Instagram

Imagery as impressive as this interior by
Michelle Weir of Studio:Weir
for Fancy NZ Design Blog