One to Watch: Jo Wade

Local Mount Maunganui babe Jo Wade is part of the Paper Plane design store team, and an emerging graphic designer in her own right. In collab with Paper Plane, she's created a third series of prints, taking photographs here in the Mount and overlaying hand-drawn text (printed in silver foil - oooeee). Each print is a representation of how lucky we are (yeah we are) to live in this slice of paradise. I like to think there's also a sense here about how lucky we are to be able to design our own lives. So, get designing!

New for your walls, from NZ's David Moreland (and a fave of mine)

David Moreland's one of my faves, no doubt. Did you know his middle name is actually Clean Lines? (That's not true, but it should be.) As well as now being the in-house furniture designer for Citta, he continues with his solo practice. This is his new David Moreland arrival, the Okewa shelf and Awha bookends (the bookends can be placed horizontally or vertically on the shelf, or both - that's clever). Soft and striking all at the same time, and totally #wishlisted for my bathroom or entranceway.  


When I saw this on Instagram, someone had commented: "Great look! Many drawers!" 
Haha. I think that about sums it up...

Guys, FAUCET! Also love those super tall brass cupboard handles. (This is an amazing house, see the rest of it here.)

Idea to steal: big ottomans can double as a day bed - stack with cushions and put somewhere that bathes in sunlight.

Love the simplicity and functionality of this - perfect idea for a teeny bathroom. Also, can I just take this opportunity to say Shub. Such a great word. Thanks. 

How sweet is this home office? I always wanted my own home office balcony; somewhere I can take a smoko. (Cut to me in a hardhat, with a thermos. If you're having a smoko, you have to have a hardhat and a thermos.)

Oh I do love to see original bones. And those vintage stools are cool. The rest of the house (with a city garden and the cutest shaggy poochface is just as unpretentious and lovely, and it's here)

Old warehouse converted into a 3-level home, by Australia's Techne Architects.

Add some gas hobs and this would be a 10 out of 10 for me. 

Cute built-in corner shelves (good idea for a teeny bedroom)

I adore this kitchen from this Brooklyn brownstone. Can't you just imagine how at home you'd feel in a place like this? You'd wake in the guest room to the kids all jumping on your bed, and you'd shuffle into the big kitchen-dining area in your PJs with your top-knot all skew-if, and the mum would be cooking pancakes, while the dad's popped out to get fresh coffee. You guys keen on a billet? 

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Ceh-lah-brate good times, COME ON! I made a Friday Pick n Mix for you...

Plenty on the menu today....

Melbourne, this has got to stop. Yet another wicked eatery, designed by Techne Architects, with brand identity by The Company You Keep. (Bonus points for the name, BARRY)

Marrying non-boring with lazy and laid back in exactly the right way - SUKU, a new-to-me Australian bedding brand.

YES PLEASE! I'd like this for my entranceway so I can grab my keys off the shelf and avoid seeing myself in the mirror as I leave the house. Shelf by NakNak (also sold by Resident GP in NZ/Australia)

One for the mumas and the papas - I'm appreciating the heck outta the design and styling of Scandinavian kids' brand (now branching out into awesome womenswear and a few home goods), Soft Gallery.

Raquel and João live in a seaside village in Portugal. They love paper ephmera (me too, guys) and make - amongst other things - these rad marbled journals (all my marble fans in the house put yo hands up) under the brand Arminho.

Simple will always be my fave. This sublime little wooden tray is made in Japan by Hasami (available to buy online from New York's Totokaelo)

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